The Kingdom of Morocco lies on the border of Africa and Europe has long attracted conquerors and colonialists – from the Phoenicians and Romans of antiquity to the Arabs and French.

And it offers Westerners a fascinating insight into Arab, Berber and Islamic cultures.

It is one of the most dramatic, exotic and compelling countries this close to Europe.

Morocco is an ancient, mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful country that has lured foreign visitors for millennia.

It is a land of contrasts: ancient and modern, Arab and Berber, European and African.

It is a land of powerful extremes, where the traditional and the modern thrive side by side, and the lifeblood of it is a vibrant intermingling of dozens of cultural and social elements.

Morocco has long been a melting pot of uniquely different cultures that create a rewarding holiday experience for all travelers who are looking to explore this stunning part of North Africa.

People of Morocco are as distinct as its landscapes.

Their individuality is reflected in their dress and local traditions, which remain remarkably intact in most places.

Its music is a vibrant mix of old and new, with different influences.

Today most Moroccans are of mixed ancestry – Berber, Arab and African (the last being mostly Gnaoua, which originated from slave age imported from Mali during the Saadi dynasty) – as can be seen from the rich variety of faces, even within the same family.

Morocco enjoys a temperate climate.

Thanks to the moderating influence of the Atlantic.

Thanks to its mountains, the influence of the Atlantic and the large variations in latitude and altitude, the climate is perfect somewhere at all times of year.

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