Best places to visit In Morocco

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Best places to visit In Morocco

Best places to visit In Morocco

Morocco is a country full of mystery and magic situated in North Africa. This beautiful country was ruled by the Carthaginians and the Berber traders, Mediterranean and the military rulers of Andalusia, There were also Sultans and Grand Viziers. Therefore, Morocco is a land that fuses the styles of sub-Sahara and Europe.

Morocco’s cities are full with energy, from the bazaars of Fez to the souks of Marrakech, where you can find spices with different colours and different tastes. Everywhere you can find elegant riad and spacious kasbahs, all decorated with complicated Islamic filigrees and beautiful arabesque motifs. You’ll taste spicy food with cinnamon and dried fruits, taste mint teas, and chat the night away with local people.

Let’s find out the best places you have to visit in Morocco.


Fes has all the triggers and the expectations that you can imagine in this 1200 years old city of Morocco.

In other words, Fes is old enough to meet your expectations.

Furthermore, Fes city as a whole is a good example of Islamic architecture, from monumental mosques to ancient mdrasas, all beautifully ornamented with arabesque and tiling patterns,

Then, All this makes from this wonderful city a charming muesim to visit in the open air.


Morocco’s Economic Capital

Another of Morocco’s iconic cities is Casablanca. Casablanca is one of Morocco’s fast-changing metropolis , most modern cities, and its economic capital.

 Architecturally speaking, the city is home to blend and mixture of local Moroccan craftsmanship and Parisian art decoration. The Hassan II Mosque, the Place du 16 November and the Place Mohammed V are just a few of Casablanca’s places that are a must see apart from the old medina. 


Bab El Mansour

Meknes is smallest of Morocco’s four imperial cities. To clarify, This wonderful city offers a fascinating day trips to the nearby Roman remains of Volubilis and the sacred town of Moulay Idriss.

Certainly, It is well known for its location in the heart of Morocco’s premier wine-producing region.

That is to say that Meknes has Moulay Ismail’s mausoleum and the beautiful Bab Mansour gate, Meknes has makes an excellent choice for those seeking to discover Morocco history.


The Red City

One of Morocco’s most famous and popular cities is Marrakesh for its aromatic spices, colorful textiles, sparkling lamps, and jewelry. This unmissable destination has become the widely visited in recent years for those wishing to experience the beauty of Moroccan history and culture.

The old city is well known for its maze of alleys, souks revealing treasures in every corner.

The surrounding areas of the city have beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, where the sands of desert spread to meet the snow-capped the tips of Atlas Mountains in distance.

In short, Morocco is a must visit for traveler lovers all around the world.

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